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Start Working Toward Your Accelerated Business Degree Online

New England College of Business offers an exciting program to its undergraduate students who aim for the greater advancement potential of a master's degree.

This accelerated business degree online program could be a good investment in your future. According to recent surveys, those with graduate degrees in business earn an average of $22,000 more per year than those with just a bachelor’s degree.*

Qualifying students have the opportunity to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree online in five years or less by taking graduate-level courses that satisfy both degree course requirements. This not only accelerates your path to a master's degree but also reduces tuition.

Accelerated Degrees. Less Time. More Reward.

Call an Admissions Representative for more details at (800) 997-1673 or fill out the form now.

Exceptions can apply. Once on this track, an Academic Advisor will create a five-year enrollment plan for the student. In select cases where scheduling conflicts occur, the combined program may exceed five years.

*Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce: The Economic Value of College Majors, 2015

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