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At this time, NEIB at Cambridge College is not enrolling new students in AS or DBA programs while the appropriate approvals and authorizations are obtained.
At this time, NEIB at Cambridge College is not enrolling new students in AS or DBA programs while the appropriate approvals and authorizations are obtained.

Online Educational Approach

Our approach to education is different from many other colleges offering online degree programs because we are:


Our flexible, business-focused online degree programs are designed for working professionals balancing work, family, school and other responsibilities.

Learner Centric

Courses are available online to students anywhere, anytime through our cloud-based learning management system, Canvas. Courses are created with the adult learner at the forefront, intentionally equipping students with practical skills that have immediate transfer to the workplace. Courses are modularized into bite-sized nuggets that fit into the busy life of working professionals juggling competing priorities.


Our faculty is comprised of industry experts and business leaders who combine theory and real-world scenarios in the classroom. Students enjoy opportunities for interactive learning with other working professionals. This constructivist approach allows you to network and wrestle with the problems of today's workforce, leveraging your own experiences while you learn from one another. Group projects build resumes with virtual teamwork, enabling students to seamlessly transition to jobs in an increasingly globalized workforce.

Constant Improvement in Everything We Do

At New England Institute of Business, Assessments, student surveys and other kinds of feedback contribute to a winning equation of an affordable education with the assurance of quality.
Debra Leahy explains.


We’ve been around for more than a century, so we understand the business of learning. The New England banking industry founded our institution in 1909 to educate its workforce. More than one hundred years later, we serve the broader business community as our graduates leverage trusted credentials to advance in today's high-demand workplace.


Online college degree programs at New England Institute of Business provide students with one of the most affordable tuition options for business education. The College is recognized as the most affordable private college in New England by the U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center (2011-2017).


Our industry-leading, online learning design was recognized with Best Online Programs for our MBA, Graduate Programs and Bachelor’s programs from U.S. News & World Report; a 2014 Gold Best Practices Award for Distance Learning Programming from the U.S. Distance Learning Association. New England Institute of Business was also presented with the ACHE Award for Creative Use of Technology in 2014, and our eLearning Team received Brandon Hall’s Sliver Award for Best Learning Team.

Regionally Accredited

The College is accredited by New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) and licensed by Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

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