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At this time, NEIB at Cambridge College is not enrolling new students in the DBA program while the appropriate approvals and authorizations are obtained.
At this time, NEIB at Cambridge College is not enrolling new students in the DBA program while the appropriate approvals and authorizations are obtained.

Welcome National Graduate School Students!

We at NEIB are thrilled to welcome you into our student body. NEIB has a long and proud history and it is our pleasure for you to join us in this new chapter. As you begin your transition between schools, we’re here to serve you and provide any information you seek. Please see the letter below from Dr. Robert Antonucci, the President of NGS, addressing you and your fellow students. We have provided here the answers to frequently asked questions by NGS students. This page will continue to be updated with helpful new information and resources in the coming weeks, so please check in frequently if you desire updates. Should you have any questions or concerns that have not been addressed here, please reach out to directly to:

John Alonso
NGS Director of Enrollment Management
The National Graduate School of Quality Management
800.838.2580 ext. 131

December 11, 2017

Dear Students and Faculty,

I write to inform you of a change for our School which will be occurring in the near future. After more than 25 years of operating as an independent institution of higher education, The National Graduate School of Quality Management (NGS), headquartered in Falmouth, Massachusetts, will affiliate with the New England Institute of Business at Cambridge College (NEIB) in Boston, Massachusetts. Projected in January, 2018 NGS will become a division of NEIB. Both schools are fully accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education and share a similar mission.

Students currently enrolled in NGS will see no disruption in their Quality Systems Management degree programs at the Bachelor, Master, or Doctoral levels. All educational and support services currently provided by NGS for its students will continue to be provided by NEIB. At NGS our focus has been on educating and advancing professional adult students in Quality Systems Management and Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies. Students currently enrolled can be assured that upon completion of their academic studies they will be awarded a degree with the Quality Systems Management specialization.

NEIB was founded in 1909 as the American Institute of Banking. Over the past 108 years the College has evolved and grown into a highly respected business and finance college. Furthermore, NEIB is ranked as one of the best online degree-granting programs in the United States in the 2017 listings for U.S. News & World Report.

The staff of both schools are eager to work with you to ensure that everything will be in place to continue your program of studies and to provide the necessary support in all academic and support areas. Current students will be asked to complete an online application to effectuate their transition into NGS, now as a division at NEIB.

We are also working with the respective legal and regulatory agencies to ensure that all the necessary requirements are addressed and met. We are awaiting approvals from these agencies and we expect that these will be finalized in the next 60-90 days. It is also important to note that current students will not be negatively impacted in any way. In review:

  • Academic programs and calendars for the existing cohorts will remain the same
  • Completion dates and graduation dates will not change
  • NGS faculty assigned to teach will still be teaching the courses
  • BSc students will still earn their Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt and Master students will earn their LSS Black Belt
  • The same online platform will be used

This is an exciting opportunity for both schools. You will have the advantage of the services and support that a larger institution can provide, and at the same time continue with the cohort model until your completion date. We will be notifying you with more information as plans become finalized and there will be a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document posted on our website.

I wish you the very best as you continue with your studies and we look forward to you earning your degree.

With regards,

Dr. Robert V. Antonucci

Dr. Robert V. Antonucci
Interim President/Board Chair
The National Graduate School of Quality Management
186 Jones Road
Falmouth, MA 02540

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