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How I Got My Online Degree - Edson M. Fernandez

Category: Alumni Updates

How I Got My Online Degree - Marcia Matthews

Graduation Date: August 2012 Degree Earned: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration How I Paid For It: Office Depot offers assistance, and I am using student loans to pay for all my classes. How Long It Took: I started taking classes in 2008 at the age of 51. What Else I Was Doing At The Same Time: When I first started taking classes, I worked 60 hours a week as a sales rep for Office Depot, 15 hours a week as a cashier at CVS, and was a sole proprietor of a travel agency. Today, I have celebrated 17 years with Office Depot, I no longer work for CVS, and I operate Gramma's House, a non-profit organization that assists families caring for a loved one undergoing medical treatment. When I Studied: I live and work in Reno, Nevada, and the school I currently attend is on the East Coast, so as you might imagine, all my classes are online. I typically get up at about 5:00 so that I can get an hour or two of studying in before getting ready for work. On Saturday and Sunday, I sleep in until around 6:00 so that I can complete my school work before fundraising or attending an event. From time to time I also get to hang out with my family. Where I Studied: I have a loft set up like an office outside of my bedroom and I tried to do all my studying there before anyone else got up for the day. Most Challenging Part: The most difficult part for me was finding the time to do the reading required. As a person that never found reading to be particularly enjoyable, I had to get creative in order to get all the information I needed each week. I truly appreciated the lectures and other various forms of communication. I don't think I could have made it if I only had a textbook to refer to. Best Thing My Family Did To Help Me: Although my family worries about me being spread too thin, they support my educational goals that could eventually help me do more in less time. My husband proofreads my assignments, my son is my study partner for tests and quizzes, and my granddaughters make sure I don't go hungry or thirsty and that I take a break every once in a while.