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Online MBA – Human Resource ConcentrationHUMAN RESOURCES CONCENTRATION

We are accepting new students into this program.

Online MBA in Human Resources

The online MBA Human Resources concentration, partnering with New England Institute of Business's Master of Human Resource Management program, provides online MBA students with the opportunity to extend their studies beyond the general MBA curriculum to survey key functional areas within human resources (HR). This is accomplished by pairing the foundational MBA classes with three specialized courses in a variety of relevant HR practice areas.

What You Will Learn in the Online MBA - Human Resources Concentration

New England Institute of Business's online MBA with a concentration in Human Resources prepares graduates for management and leadership roles within a variety of industries. The online MBA program Human Resources concentration is designed to give graduates the knowledge and skills to work in operations or other aspects of management.

By selecting any three of the available Human Resources concentration courses, students can custom tailor their concentration to focus on the areas that best suit their interests and career needs, such as organizational change and employee development, employee and labor relations or global HRM. Suggested groupings of courses, by topic area, include:

Organizational Design, Change and Employee Development:
HRM510 Organizational Change and Stewardship
HRM540 Talent Management and Development
HRM560 Human Resources Metrics and Measurement
HR Essentials:
HRM520 Recruitment and Selection for Organizational Excellence
HRM540 Talent Management and Development
HRM550 Employee and Labor Relations
Employee and Labor Relations:
HRM550 Employee and Labor Relations
MBE550 Conducting Internal Investigations
HRM540 Talent Management and Development
Global HRM:
HRM570 Global Human Resource Management
MBE565 International Business Ethics
HRM540 Talent Management and Development

For a complete list of courses, download the MBA Human Resources Concentration curriculum worksheet. You may also view full course descriptions here.

Is the Online MBA with Human Resources Concentration Right for You?

When working toward your business degree online, your decision whether to select an MBA with a concentration versus a more focused, online human resources degree like our Master of Human Resource Management will depend on your current employment, long-term career goals and cost and time considerations. Current HR practitioners who seek the added credibility of a graduate degree in business — but who plan to move into operations or other aspects of management in the long-term — may find the MBA with an HR concentration a more attractive option than the more specialized Master of Human Resource Management degree.

Additionally, those individuals that are unsure about committing to a career in human resource management can benefit from the opportunity to earn a broad-based business degree while exploring various HR subject areas during their studies.

Conversely, individuals who are fully committed to a long-term career in HR, should consider our Master of Human Resources Management degree. This program provides a significantly more extensive examination of the practice of HR and is designed to equip an HR professional with knowledge across the full spectrum of HR practice areas. Our Admissions team, along with the Program Chairs in the Master of Human Resources Management and the MBA Program, are available to guide students in deciding which option best meets their career goals.

This concentration will meet the academic and skill needs of those MBA students who have academic and career interests in human resources. The Human Resources concentration is taught by experienced HR professionals and academic experts. It has proven most useful to those with interests within the following areas:

  • Organizational change and stewardship
  • Talent management and development
  • Policy setting
  • Employee and labor relations*
  • Global HRM*

*Students interested in Employee and Labor Relations and Global HRM specialty areas may enroll in select courses from the Master of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance degree, with the approval of the MBA and MBEC Program Chairs.

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