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The professors, academic advisors and entire staff at NECB have always extended a helpful hand and guided each one of us here today. Their dedication to our education is unique and inspiring.

Humberta Varao, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Class of 2018

My kids look up to me in admiration for working so hard towards my own personal and professional growth. While I have invested and achieved my educational goal, I can only hope that I have set a good example for my kids and they see with hard work and determination that they can accomplish anything when they put their minds to it.

Shelly Sequin, Master of Science in Business Ethics & Compliance, Class of 2018

I never gave up on my journey, even though there were some detours in the road. I want to encourage everyone out there to invest in yourselves, you are worth it! It is never too late to start or continue on the road to your dream! We all have a unique path made just for us. Have you completed your path?

Michelle Rivers, Master of Human Resource Management, Class of 2018

This investment in me is something that will forever be cherished because it was a long time coming. I wish I could have done this sooner in my life but that wasn’t the case for me.

Gwendolyn Suber, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Class of 2018

NECB’s Innovative online learning classrooms, advanced technology and a caring and helpful staff made me feel welcomed and accepted as I began the journey towards my degree. Most importantly, through my NECB professors I have been provided with an education in the kind of real-life skills that will benefit me professionally by my future career advancements and personally by achieving this lifelong dream.

Martina Diamond, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Class of 2018

I knew that this investment in me would eventually pay off, I just didn’t know how soon. About halfway through my NECB career, I applied for a new position at work. As soon as I found out the other finalist was related to the CIO, I thought my chance of getting selected was zero. Needless to say, when I got the job I was shocked. Before I was even done with my Masters, I was able to witness firsthand how investing in me really pays off. As time goes on, I know I will see that investment continue to pay off.

Rachael Collins, Master of Business Administration, Class of 2018

Investing in yourself doesn’t make you selfish instead it makes you a go getter. I went after my dream of finishing school. I pursued my goal of getting my degree. I pushed myself further than I thought I could go. I invested in myself and now the finish line is finally here.

Desiree Ortiz, Associate in Science in Business Administration, Class of 2018

NECB did not show us “what” to look at, but “where to look”. Throughout my life, I have climbed many mountains, but I never stopped and looked at the view from the top of the mountains. Less than 4 years ago, when I started this degree, I felt that I was at the bottom of yet another mountain. Today, along with the graduating class of 2018, I can now enjoy the view from the top!

Richard Lopez, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Class of 2018
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