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Online Bachelor’s Business Degree – International BusinessINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONCENTRATION

We are accepting new students into the new version of this program.

Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Degree - International Business

The New England Institute of Business online Bachelors in Business Administration- International Business concentration gives graduates a business foundations with a focus on the increasingly complex global marketplace. The online business administration degree prepares students to maximize their career potential in a variety of fields and to maximize their international business impact.

What You Will Learn in the Online Business Administration Degree – International Business Concentration

Leadership, management, business communication, problem-solving and cross-cultural understanding — these are just a few of the skills graduates can take away from this BSBA- international business concentration. Specific management skills such as analyzing international economic and market trends, developing marketing plans and managing the day-to-day operations of a complex business organization are supported in relation to the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify key global business issues, particularly in finance, management and marketing
  • Employ critical thinking and informational literacy skills in evaluating key global business issues
  • Think and plan strategically to solve complex organizational problems in a global business environment
  • Lead cross-cultural teams in evolving work environments

For a complete list of courses, download the online Business Administration degree curriculum worksheet. You may also view full course descriptions here.

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