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Career Development Center

The Career Advising Request is initiated and completed entirely by you. Submit a Career Advising Request now.

Career Development Planning

Students and alumni of New England College of Business have a wide variety of career services and tools made available by the Career Development Center to help them create a career development plan or facilitate a job search.

You can start by completing a Career Advising Request. Submit a Career Advising Request now.

Career Counseling Services

Set up one–on–one telephone career counseling sessions to get personal advice and career development tips from a CAEL (The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning) Career Coach.

College Central Network

  • Learn from podcasts, videos, and articles
  • Search job openings
  • Create online resumes and career portfolios


Admissions Representative Will Jones

A variety of career services are available to students at New England College of Business. Admissions Representative Will Jones explains.

Thank you for all of the ideas and help on the way I conduct interviews, apply for jobs and update my resume. They have worked – I managed to get the new job. Thank you again for all of your help and I hope that we can work together again in the future.

Frivian Vicente, Bachelor of Business Administration Graduate

My career advisor is a consummate professional and demonstrates all of the attributes required of a leader and mentor. She gave me the confidence to build my career and taught me that my possibilities are limitless, and that boundaries are merely a mindset.

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