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A Message From Our President

It is my pleasure to welcome you to New England College of Business. For more than a century, New England College of Business has provided exceptional instruction for those who are working, or seek to be working, in the world of business and finance. We are an institution dedicated to offering high-quality online degree programs, which are scheduled flexibly and priced affordably, in order to meet the needs of working adults who must balance work and family obligations with their studies.

In addition to offering the latest in course delivery technology, New England College of Business’s greatest asset is its faculty. Teachers at New England College of Business come from a blend of seasoned business practitioners and academic researchers. This faculty ensures that New England College of Business students receive instruction in both theoretical and practical approaches to the knowledge they will need to succeed in the workplace. Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, you will often find courses at New England College of Business that are more "real world" than at some other institutions. This is the intentional design of our curriculum and why we boast almost 200 corporate partners who take advantage of our program offerings for their employees. We are proud to be Education Partners for Success with these diverse organizations.

New England College of Business graduates invariably look back on their time at the College as having been pivotal in their career development. As well, they remember not only learning from the faculty, but from their fellow students, many of whom become lifelong colleagues and friends. For every student, there is an institution of higher education that is a good fit. If you look through our material and have a sense that New England College of Business is the right place for you, then you can be assured you have made a very good choice and that we will be delighted to have you join our community of learners.


President Howard Horton Signature

Howard E. Horton, Esq.
New England College of Business

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