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Natalie McVeigh

Natalie McVeigh M.B.E., C.F.B.A, C.F.W.A

How I Might Be Able to Assist

I have had a career in consulting and problem solving for various business entities at many entry points. Because of my chosen fields of research and teaching/ facilitation, I am also knowledgeable on neuroplasticity and assessments – and how different people learn and approach problems. I have been able to help clients find the best and custom solutions for themselves.

Contact me with questions or information on business ethics, FCPA compliance, board governance, succession, wealth transition, family owned business, emotional intelligence, predictive and/or descriptive career assessments.

Professional Projects or Initiatives of Interest

For the Family Firm Institute I am leading an initiative to educate the next generation of family business and Family Wealth Advisors. For Family Owned Business Resources I work to take tools and concepts and present them in a manner in which people use them for direct application in real time.



Degrees: Maters of Science in Business Ethics and Compliance New England College of Business and Finance (NECB)
Bachelors of Arts Hood College in law & society, philosophy

Certificates & Professional Accreditation

Family Firm Institute Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA)
Family Firm Institute Certificate in Family Wealth Advising (CFWA)
Learning in Action Technologies EQ in Action Profile
Chally Certified Talent Analyst
Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology (COLTT)
D2L Essentials
Fundamentals of Foundation Grant Writing
Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People

Courses Taught at NECB

PHIL 101: Critical Thinking
PHIL 350: Logic for Managers

Professional Experience

I’ve been a consultant since finishing undergrad in 2007. My consulting has been in FCPA compliance at TRACE International, freelance IRS 990 consulting for non-profits around Boston, and lastly (and currently) family owned business consulting at Strategic Designs for Learning and Family Owned Business Resources, ranging from management to governance issues. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2013.